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DRIVER’S AGE: For car categories A, B the minimum age is 21 years and for all other categories 23 years. Drivers that have not completed the 23rd year of age regardless of car category are subject to an additional charge equal to 5 euro per day with maximum charge 35 euro plus VAT 23% per rental agreement.

DRIVER’S LICENSE: The Driver and co-driver/s of the rented vehicle must be a holder of a driving license for at least one year prior to the rental date. The driving license must have been issued by a country member of the E.U . Otherwise he/she must hold an international driving license.

RENTAL PERIOD: Minimum rental period is one day. After the end of the agreed rental period, SITIA RENT A CAR allows the renter a gratis period of for the return of the vehicle, of 2 hours without any additional charge. After the expiration of the gratis period the renter will be charged with the cost of an additional rental day. If the renter wishes to extend the rental period he/she should notify the rental company at least 24 hours prior to the termination of the rental and obtain the relevant approval for the extension. Failing to act as above holds the renter liable for illegal possession of the vehicle.

MEANS OF PAYMENT: The estimated rental is prepaid. For all rental categories the renter must present a valid credit card acceptable by SITIA RENT A CAR in order to cover the amounts needed for the deposit, the final payment of the rental and guarantee.

TRAFFIC FINES AND TRAFFIC LAW VIOLATIONS: All traffic fines and administrational penalties deriving from the driver’s responsibility will be paid by the driver.

INSURANCE: The renters of SITIA RENTER A CAR vehicle are insured against third party liability for death, bodily damages

And material damages. The insurance cover is subject to the general terms of the insurance contract the SITIA RENT A CAR holds with their insurance company in Greece.

  • COLLISSION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW). The renter’s responsibility for damages to the rented vehicle may be contained under the condition that there is no violation of the traffic law to the minimum charge of 400 euro for the rental categories, 600 euro for categories C,D,E and 800 for category F by paying an additional fee of 8 euro, 10 euro, and 12 euro respectively.
  • THEFT COVER. Theft cover is a non obligatory service. Renter may contain his/her responsibility for the theft of the rented vehicle from SITIA RENT A CAR to 500 euro for groups A,B 700 euro for categories C,D and  900 euro for category F by paying an extra fee of 3 euro, 5 euro 8 euro respectively per rental day.

The INSURANCE  does not cover damages the have occurred from: intention, negligence, wrong fuelling failure of compliance to  the terms of the rental  ,natural disasters or terrorist activities, driving on non paved roads , driving under the influence  of alcohol, medicines or drugs of any kind. Additionally it does not cover damages that have occurred to the under body of the vehicle, the roof of the vehicle , the radio antenna ,the mirrors and tires of the vehicle or the interior of the vehicle (like cigarette burns,, damaged car seats of any description , damages from pets, or excessive dirt in the interior of the vehicle).

 In case of an accident or other event (fire, theft) the renter /additional driver is obliged to act as follows.

  1. a) Contact immediately SITIA RENT A CAR at +30 2843026860 , +30 6977245159
  2. b) Immobilize the rented vehicle and ask the other party involved to do the same on the accident or incident spot until a representative of the insurance company arrives on the spot.
  3. c) To not accept responsibility or guilt or third party demands in any way whatsoever.
  4. d) To note the names and addresses of any incident witness as well as the name and address of the immediate involved persons in the incident /accident as well as the plate number of the vehicle involved in the accident.
  5. e) To notify the police for the official registration of the incident as well as for the treatment of possible injured persons.
  6. f) To collect any information possible from any bystander.
  7. g) If possible, to photograph the scene of the accident and cars involved in it.

The driver is obliged to notify the company and sign an accident report or theft report within 24 hours from the accident time and supply the company with all possible documentation that he/she has collected. In case of theft the renter is obliged to file a written report with the police department within the same period.

ACCIDENT FILE EXPENCES: The driver will be charged 15 euro in case of an accident of his responsibility. This amount is not refundable.

ADDITIONAL DRIVER: There is an additional fee of 4 euro for each additional driver per rental day.

FUEL POLICY: Fuel costs are paid by the driver. The vehicle will be delivered to the renter with a certain fuel quantity and must be returned containing the same fuel. If not the renter ill have to pay for the missing fuel.

CHILDREN SAFETY SEATS: Available at a charge of 2 euro per rental day.

GPS: Available at 4 euro per rental day.

CAR TYPE CHANGE: The company reserves the right , depending on availability to supply an alternative vehicle of same or larger category of that of the original reservation at no extra cost to the renter.,

DELIVERY – COLLECTION: Delivery and/or collection outside the city of Sitia boundaries will be charged at the rate of 0,40 per km.

LOSS OF KEYS: The renter is obliged to pay 50 – 100 euro depending on car key type for their replacement.

ROAD ASSISTANCE: EUROP ASSISTANCE (24 hour service) tel: +302103497080

TAXES: All rates and charges are subject to 23 % VAT.

RESERVATIONS: A 20% advanced payment on the rental cost is required to secure the reservation.

  • CANCELLATION POLICY: For cancellations that occur at least 15 days prior to the rental date there is no charge and the deposit is refunded in total. For cancellations in a period of less than 15 days prior to the rental, the deposit is not refunded.

KILOMETRAGE LIMITS: Rentals of 3 days or more include unlimited mileage. All rentals of 1-2 days include 300 free kms per day. Any excess kilomatrage will be charged at the rate of 0,15 euro per Km.

 During the rental period all additional drivers are in total responsible along with the renter. Non registered with the rental company additional drivers are not allowed to drive the vehicle. In this case any incident or violation of the traffic law abolishes the rights of insurance cover and the renter is fully responsible for all expenses and costs that may occur.

Using and transporting the vehicle in any way outside Crete is absolutely forbidden

The rental company bears no responsibility for loss of personal items of the renter and/or the passengers of the rented vehicle during the rental period.

 It is absolutely forbidden that the renter uses the vehicle to transport heavy items and luggage, more persons that are described in the license of the vehicle, paying passengers illegally transporting national or non-national persons, or in performance of illegal activities. Violation of the above is totally the responsibility of the renter and all consequences are for such activities are the renter’s responsibility.

It is forbidden that the renter sub rents the vehicle to third parties, drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, barbiturates, or any other substance or follow or participate in any kind of competition using the rental vehicle.

It is not allowed that the renter uses the vehicle to tow or pull other vehicles or objects, and in general perform illegal activities.

Violation of the above conditions holds the renter totally responsible of any administrative actions.

The present rental agreement conforms to the Greek laws and the Greek courts are responsible to solve any dispute that may arise between the rental company and the renter.