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Eastern Crete:

hides some of the most charming and iconic views of the island. It is a place full of historical monuments, both from antiquity and from later times. This amazing combination of historical monuments and picturesque natural beauty, makes Eastern Crete a unique, exotic place and a sought after destination, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

The largest cities of Lasithi


It is the capital of Lasithi in Eastern Crete with a population of about 10,000 residents. Built around the picturesque lake Voulismeni, dominates the north-western side of the beautiful Gulf of Mirabello, which is the largest bay in Crete. The city’s heart beats in the area around the lake, the harbor and the promenade, surrounded by quaint houses with tiled roofs.


One of the most important cities of Crete. Located at the eastern end of the northern coast of the island, in a beautiful bay.The name derives from the ancient Itia or Itida city located in eastern Crete, according to Diogenes Laertius, was the home of Myson, one of the seven sages of antiquity. It is also worth mentioning that Sitia was the home of Vitsentzos Kornaros, one of the most important representatives of Cretan Literature and author of “Erotokritos”.


There is something very special about this city, being the southernmost city in Greece and Europe. It is the largest city of Lasithi and the only urban center of southern Crete, nicknamed the “Bride of the Libyan Sea”. Ierapetra means Holy Stone and is the most populated town of Lasithi, with over 15,000 residents.

Today it is one of the most productive areas of Greece and a major national source of fruits, vegetables and olive oil, contributing significantly to the development of the region. Although it is a modern urban center, Ierapetra offers countless beauties and attractions.