Read more ...Eastern Crete hides some of the most charming and iconic views of the island. It is a place full of historical monuments, both from antiquity and from later times. This amazing combination of historical monuments and picturesque natural beauty, makes Eastern Crete a unique, exotic place and a sought after destination, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.


VAI PALM FOREST AND BEACH: It is the largest palm grove in Europe and occupies approximately 250 acres of land, filled with native palm trees of Theophrastus (Phoenix Theofrasti).Its name derives from the Greek word "palm" which is the name for the palm trees, and according to the legend, the palm forest was created when Arab pirates came here with their ships, at the dates they had with them and threw the seeds in the soil, from which sprouted around 6000 palm trees. It also has a wonderful beach with clear blue water, white sand and reefs. Vai is one of the most popular attractions of Crete and at the same time one of the most beautiful, exotic and unique locations throughout the Mediterranean. It is located 24 km east from Sitia.

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1: It has the cleanest sea in the Mediterranean with more beaches than any other region of Europe, and also the finest and brightest Greek sun! It has some of the most beautiful and exotic beaches of Crete, some sandy, some with pebbles, other protected from the wind and other hidden in small and very charming bays.

The Sitia Geopark has been included in the new UNESCO program.

It includes the wider region of the Sitia province and covers a total area of 3614 square kilometers (361,4 acres). It is nationally protected region with outstanding geological inheritance and excellent aesthetic beauty.